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Idit Makover, Born in Israel.

A multi-disciplinary artist
Graduated the social-worker’s school at the Bar-Ilan University,
“Avney” school in Tel-Aviv at the drawing-sculpting oriented studies.
Studied for many years at the Tel-Aviv museum and participated in many variety workshops.
Her teachers were well known and leading artists in the Israeli world of art, such as: Yechezkel Shtreichman, Haim Kave, Eliyahu Gat, Jakov Veksler, Rachel Shavit, Marlen Ferer, etc’.
Her works and paintings are very expressive, strong colored (also in black/brown-white) and in them, entwined a gentle sketch or an authentic saying.
Her art reflects values and symbols of the life in Israel, whom she grew on, and her ideas are drawn from the jewish-israeli sources that represent thoughts, opinions and events from the current Israeli public life.
As a daughter to the Holocaust survivor, it is possible to find in her drawings clues and connection to the jewish people in a national and a private way, as a string to the memory, that cannot be cut.
All of these are being expressed in modern art techniques.
She combines different techniques on varieties ways of art: paint on cloth-sheet with bare hands, without paintbrush, a mixed technique of oil and acrylic colors together ,pitch and plastic colors together, pencils and pastel colors and different techniques of sketching and painting- all on the same cloth-sheet.
Today, she dedicates most of her time for drawing.

Her drawing are being presented on many exhibitions, the mane are:

– Current exhibition at the “Hatachana” gallery in Neve Tzedek, Tel Aviv.
– Exhibition at Neeman Towers in Tel Aviv
– Personal exhibition at the “Fuaye Gallery”, The Sharet Hall in Petach-Tikva.
– Personal exhibition at the “Miphal HaPayis centre” (Isarel’s state lottery), Petach-Tikva.

Collective exhibitions:

“Shapira’s House”, Petach-Tikva;
“Einav Centre”, Tel-Aviv;
“The Gerar-Bachar Centre”, Jerusalem;
” The art centre Kastra”, Haifa;
“The Culture hall”, Petach Tikva;
“The Blue Bird Gallery”, Petach-Tikva;

The art gallery – “Art Collection”, Tel-AVIV,
“La Galleria Pall Mall” gallery, Royal Opera, London- England;
“3 in Rotshield” gallery, Tel-Aviv;
“The Zionist world congress house, Manhattan- New-York, U.S.A.

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